Thursday, January 31, 2008

Idaho Department of Ag Kicks Off Locate in 48 Campaign

(BOISE) The Idaho State Department of Agriculture started a coordinated promotional campaign to encourage the state’s livestock owners and others to take part in the premises identification program. Entitled Locate In 48, the program focuses on safeguarding animal health by educating Idaho landowners the importance of registering locations where animals are held.

Idaho’s Locate In 48 program will allow 48-hour trace-back if an animal disease outbreak were to occur. This program will help protect animal health, increase consumer confidence in the nation’s food supply and better connect farmers and producers to the global marketplace.

"I cant think of a better legacy that our generation can provide for the next generation than the security of our livestock industry as a whole," said Idaho Governor Butch Otter. Otter was one of the first ranchers to sign up for the program.

Otter dismissed fears of 'big brother' intrusions by the government. "Those folks that are worried about this program, the destruction of their privacy. I think I have as about as good as reputation as any for not wanting the government on my property."

The campaign is supported by a brochure, posters, print advertisements, billboards and an enhanced Web site that describes the program. The site — — includes campaign materials, frequently asked questions and registration forms.

“We are very excited to introduce Idaho’s Locate In 48 campaign to the state. We believe that this information will help educate and encourage Idahoans to register their livestock premises and preserve the future of farming and ranching for generations to come,” said Celia Gould, director of the Idaho State Department of Agriculture.

Through the program, livestock owners are asked to voluntarily register their premises’ information. Premises are any location where animals are managed or held — this includes farms and ranches, hobby farms, veterinary clinics, stables, livestock markets and any other location where livestock is kept.

To register your premises, visit, print a copy of the registration form and mail it to the Idaho State Department of Agriculture, Division of Animal Industries Premises Identification, 2270 Old Penitentiary Road, Boise, ID 83712. There is no cost to register.

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