Monday, April 14, 2008

Water Supply Committee Report: More Than Enough Water in 2008

Adequate Water Supply Predicted

BOISE--While Southern Idaho Reservoirs won’t reach full capacity levels this summer, there should be more than enough water for farmers, boaters and endangered species.

Hal Anderson, chairman of the Idaho Water Supply Committee predicted a quiet year on the water front. "After being not a boring year last year, I'll take boring."

After the curtailment calls, a persistent drought, record high temperatures, and severe water shortages in 2007, Anderson said he’ll welcome a slow year with open arms.
Last summer Idaho was embroiled in a series of hotly contested water fights after surface water users complained they weren't getting their fair share and that almost shut down a number of ground pumping operations well before harvest. While the fight continues in court no curtailment is predicted for this year, according to Anderson. Farmers should have enough water.

The Idaho Water Committee meets every month from October through April, the months when snow accumulates in the Idaho Mountains. Over the six month period, the committee reviews latest data from Sno-tel sites and formulates a water forecast for the growing season. The 2008 forecast shows an average water year which is good news for Idaho.

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