Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Idaho Horse Racing Season Underway

According to a University of Idaho study, horse-owners in Idaho spend an more than $1.6 billion a year on everything from hay, straw grain to veteriniarians and farriers.

Did you know?...
In 2007 there more than 206,000 horses in Idaho.
In the year 2005 the Northern region had 21% of all equine, Southwestern region 28%, South-central region 23%, and the Southeastern region had 28%.

Primary use of horses in Idaho: 40% Pleasure, 13% Breeding, 12% Farm and Ranch, 11% Packing. Proportion of Horses by Breed: 53.3% American Quarterhorses, 13.9 % Paints, 6.3% Arabian, 5.2% Appaloosa, 4.2% Thoroughbred Percentage of Different Types of Equine in Idaho: 81% Riding Horses, 5% Ponies, 3% Race Horses, 3 % Mules 2% Donkeys,1% Wild Horses, 1% Draft Horses The world's first cloned equine, the mule Idaho Gem, was born at the University of Idaho in 2003.

The Appaloosa horse, which is named after the Palouse River in northern Idaho, is the state horse of Idaho.

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