Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Legislature's Last Gasp

(BOISE) They've tackled the toughest legislation of the session this week and both bodies weary from debate and bad banquet food are going home. The House just announced Sine Die... theyre now waiting on the Senate and notification to the Governors office.

You can tune in and see all the live action:
It's final there will be no road money this year, no transit tax. Lawmakers approved stiffer penalties for speeders in school least $75.00. Sponsor Rep. Jim Patrick (R-Twin Falls) says a stiffer speeding ticket will hurt speeders and could save a childs' life.
The weather warmed up considerably today, reinforcing my theory about legislative spring fever. Lawmakers in the past tend to wrap up sessions on warm, spring days. But tend to stay put if the weather is bad...a wrap tomorrow.

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