Friday, April 18, 2008

Washington County Farm Bureau Update

WEISER--Long time rancher Kirk Chandler is the new Washington County Farm Bureau President. Kirk's been married to Allis Chandler for 32 years, they have 8 childrend, six of which are married. One of the Chandler's greatest joys are their 10 grand kids.

The new Washington Country President brings a wealth of knowledge to the job. Chandler has ranched and farmed most of his life and currently runs 1,000 head of sheep with a few head of cattle and horses mixed in. The Chandler's have been lifelong members of Farm Bureau.

“Brad Roberts asked if I could get more involved this last fall. I went over to the yearly convention in December and Brad asked if I would consider being the President for the county after that. I hope that I'll be able to represent the Washington County well,” said Chandler.

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