Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pacific Ethanol Opens Plant in Burley

It takes 1 acre of corn to produce enough ethanol to run a car for 72,000 miles on E-10 unleaded gasoline.

1.2 barrels of Mideastern oil is replaced for every barrel of ethanol produced in America. By 2010 US ethanol producers will replace 311,000 barels of crude oil.

Pacific Ethanol owns and operates ethanol production facilities in Madera, California; Boardman, Oregon, Burley, Idaho, Windsor, Colorado and is constructing plants in Stockton and and Calipatria, California. The company has announced plans to build 220 million gallons of annual ethanol production by 2008 and 420-million gallons by the end of 2010.

Ethanol replaces the equivilent of 1 large oil tanker per week.2.8 bushels of corn yields 1 gallon of ethanol.

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