Tuesday, November 25, 2008

American Farm Bureau on the Elections

Washington--American Farm Bureau President Bob Stallman discusses President-elect Obama's challenge when the new president takes office January 20th.

Candidate Obama met with the American Farm Bureau on the heated campaign trail and emphasized his support of the new farm bill. “I would have liked to have seen some additional reforms in the bill, but on balance the bill did a lot more good than bad because it dramatically increased the funding to fight hunger, it increased funding for conservation, and it provided farmers with stability in an increasingly volatile market,” Obama said.

“Rural America stands at a crossroads. Now more than ever we need a strong agricultural sector. We rely on the farmers of America to produce safe, plentiful food at a reasonable price. And even with the increase in food prices, Americans only spend 10 percent of their income on food which is the lowest of any country in the world,” Obama said. “America is also looking to agriculture to help make us energy independent.”

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