Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dairy News

Bovine TB Testing Wrapping Up
Boise—Cattlemen have nearly completed bovine tuberculosis testing of herds across Idaho. State veterinarian Dr Bill Barton says more than 35 thousand head of cattle from five different dairy herds were tested in the Magic Valley recently with no evidence of the disease in any of the animals. The tests were conducted after some bulls were imported from California where the disease was found.

“In CaliforniaSeven animals were confirmed to have bovine TB,” said Barton. “California has since tested about 258 thousand head. They’re going to continue testing another 240-thousand head.”
Barton says testing in Idaho continues but the majority of the livestock have already been injected with a small amount of the tuberculin into the skin near the tail head. After 72 hours that injection is evaluated and if there’s a positive response a blood sample is taken.

“We still have a few smaller herds within the Treasure Valley to do,” Barton said. “We should be able to complete that testing and be done with the trace outs from the California herds within the next two weeks.”

Barton says producers have been eager to get the tests done and drew praise from state and federal officials that conducted the tests. Barton says it’ll be awhile before he can put a dollar figure on the testing program but suffice it to say its been time consuming and expensive, but with no disease reported anywhere in Idaho.

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