Friday, November 21, 2008

Gem County Annual Banquet

Gem County Farm Bureau President Tracy Walton addresses the banquet crowd--Ritter photo
Gem County Banquet Draws Record Crowd
by Steve Ritter

Emmett--A Capaicity crowd of 90 gathered at the 4th street gardens in Emmett for the annual Gem County Farm Bureau banquet.

This year five senior farm families were honored as the "Gems" of Gem County Agriculture. The Gem County Farm Bureau selected Walt Howard (deceased) Bruce & Carrie Walton, Homer& Louise Nesbitt, Warren Elwood and Lowell&Nettie Hall for the honor.

Ed and Wally Howard and sister Helen (standing in for walt), Carrie & Bruce Walton, Homer & Louise Nesbitt, Warren Elwood, and Nettie & Lowell Hall--Ritter Photo

The group of graying farmers represents more than 240 years of agriculture in Gem County. Homer Nesbitt who is 82, lives in the same house he was born in. Lowell and Nettie Hall have been farming together for 59 years. Bruce Walton and Lowell Hall are still ful- time, active farmers and both are in their 80's. Walt Howard was a Gem pioneer who touched hundreds of lives in his 90+ years of farming on the Emmett bench, And Warren Elwood has been a jack of all trades in the valley since 1958.

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