Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Annual Meeting December 2-4 Boise, Idaho

Minnink Going After Agriculture Committee Appointment

Boise--Congressman-elect Walt Minnick Addressed the Annual Banquet on Wednesday night. The Democrat upset incumbent 1st District Congressman Bill Sali last month. Minnick thanked the Farm Bureau for their support and told members that he's working hard for an appointment to the powerful Agriculture committee.

"We're a district that has some fabulous grain-growing country in the central part of the district, we have diary, irrigated farming, a whole variety of crops, and we grow a lot of cattle; so the Ag committee interests me," said Minnick

Minnick declared himself a Blue-dog democratic and vowed that fiscal conservatism will be a theme during his first term. Minnick says he will get along with other members of the congressional delegation and will work hard to act as a bridge to the Democrat-controlled House.

Minnick stayed till the end of banquet and answered questions from Farm Bureau members eager to share hardships and concerns of the current economic climate.

David Callister and Congressman-elect Walt Minnick talk issues after the banquet.

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