Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Annual Meeting, Boise, Idaho

Idaho Fish and Game Director Cal Groen address the Legislative Committee
Fish and Game Seeks Revenue Increase

Boise--Idaho Fish and Game is seeking a revenue increase using a new approach called "differential fee schedule," according to Fish and Game Director Cal Groen who addressed the Idaho Farm Bureau Legislative Committee on Tuesday

"These differential fees would help us keep prices lower for more general licenses and permits," Groen told legislative committee members at the Doubletree Riverside.

Under this proposal, "high-quality" hunting and fishing opportunities would cost more than general opportunities. For example, hunting for trophy bull elk would cost more than hunting for an antlerless elk.

The proposed fee increases is less for Idaho residents than non-residents. Groen said that a resident combination license would increase 11 percent, to $35.25, while a nonresident one would increase 20 percent to $238.25.

If approved by the Legislature, the proposal would raise almost $7 million annually. Eighty percent would help us catch up with inflation pressures from things such as fuel and fish food costs, and state requirements such as wages and health care. The other 20 percent would go to on-the-ground projects that benefit hunters and anglers. See the Proposed Program Expansion link on the right.

Director Groen answered member questions and was warmly recieved.

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