Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Annual Meeting December 2-4, Boise, Idaho

Voluntary Licensure of Midwives
Boise--The House of Delegates debates more than dirt and fertilizer, the morning and a part of the afternoon was devoted to the issue of Midwifery. Midwifery is a tool thats been used for centuries, and representatives told the delgation that its safe and a healthy alternative for pregnant women.

The Farm Bureau delegates were mixed in their support. Dr. Rod Evans of Lost Rivers voiced concern over certification and the use of drugs by lay people. Others like Cody Chandler stated that his children were all born safely at home with a midwife.

Gooding County proposed an amendment:

We support mandatory licencing of midwives to posess life saving drugs and equipment to ensure safety and welfare their patients. We support the right of women and their families to choose methods of childbirth assistance with the use of drugs or certified midwives.

The House of Delegates in the end amended the proposal and put it in the policy book for further consideration.

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