Monday, December 8, 2008

District IV Young Farmer and Ranch Family of the Year

Steve Ritter video


Greenleaf--Dave and Betsy Dixon were named YFandR family of the year. The Dixons farm with Dixons parents, Dan and Bonnie Dixon on 950 acres just outside of Greenleaf.

"We raise seed crops, peas and beans sweet corn seeds and sugar beets and wheat and corn," said Dixon. Betsy is just as busy, three growing kids is a full time job.

"Daniel is seven, Grace is five and Anna is two next week and they love life on the farm. Just the freedom to run and to see Dad come and go, and that’s a big bonus for us. Our son Daniel has spent hours on the sugar beet digger, the kids love the beet harvest especially because they get to go see Dad and you just cant do that in the city. You can see Dad whenever you want or need him,"said Betsy.

The Dixon's say that Farm Bureau fills an optimistic void in agriculture.

"There's so much opportunity ahead of us that I feel that Farm Bureau has embraced and YF and R is a piece of that puzzle and that is pretty upbeat for tomorrow. I think Farm Bureau has done a good job in that," said Dave Dixon.

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