Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Annual Meeting Boise, Idaho

Idaho Farm Bureau President Frank Priestley addresses the 69th annual meeting

Boise--Idaho Farm Bureau President Frank Priestley says Idaho Farmers face tough times ahead, but will prevail through the economic downturn in the economy.

Priestley told Farm Bureau members that keeping an eye on the bottomline, embracing change and farming smarter with technological innovations will keep Idaho Farmers in the game.

"In the year ahead farmers will continue to see strong cash reciepts, but gas prices and fertilizer costs are expected to rise again in February and the American Farm Bureau says the Farm sector could see a down-turn in 2009," said Priestley.

Priestley says that according to Federal statistics, American agriculture is in the best financial shape its every been in. Priestley says is just a mater of staying on top of changes, and thinking ahead.

"Instead of cursing change, we're embracing it," said Priestley. He says the organization is reaching out and telling the farmers story. Priestly says the Farm Bureau is looking forward to working with new Obama administration and letting them know where Farmers stand on the issues.

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