Monday, December 15, 2008

Idaho District 3 YF and R Farmers of the Year

Richard and Morgan Brune, District 3 YF and R Farmers of the Year

Twin Falls--If you want to find Rick Brune between the months of March and November you'll find him in his tractor in the bean fields just outside of Eden. Wife Morgan often packs up the kids and a lunch for visits during the long harvest season.

“Our current farming operation consists of 290 acres located here in Eden," said Rick. "We also have 70 acres in Hazelton and that consists of mostly row crops, beans, hay. We have some corn previously and a lot of wheat this year, and we also help my father with his operation of 340 acres, when we are not busy here, we are busy over there.”

In Eden, they're fullfilling a lucrative seed contract, and its work that Rick loves. Seeds from Eden have to be good, he says.“These are a garden bean, we raise them for Harris brand seeds, they export a lot of them or put them into the packages and people end up raising them in the garden. Its been a good crop for us, and has been doing well in the past. The particular field did get hailed on this summer, its doing better than we thought though, we’re doing good.”

The Brunes have been involved in YF and R for five years enjoy meeting other young farmers, they compare notes on raising kids, farming and church.“And also the leadership roles that are available and the skills we can gain through that. We have both enjoyed the discussion meet and a couple of the other roles. We have really enjoyed the conferences and hang out with everybody and at the same time we get to learn some different skills.”

The unique interaction of a discussion meet brings people together, and along the way they've learned a lot about farming, marketing, finance and politics of the life they love.“We try to do more than what the big guys can do. Its going to be a challenge. Through it all the Brune's have met the challenge and look to a bright future.

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