Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mike and Wendy Swore, YF and R District 1 Members of the Year


Chubbuck--Mike and Wendy Swore are Farm Ambassadors in Ada County, come fall they open up their farm to Ada County 4th graders. This past year every 4th grader in School District 24 spent time learning about agriculture.

The Swores have been involved in the Farm Bureau's Young Farmer and Rancher program for eight years not to mention the Bannock County Farm Bureau and the Women's Committee.

“We have a lot of fun with that activity and now that I’m the Bannock County YF and R chair and so what we do with the field trips right now, is that we have the harvest for all program and we ask all these kids that come to the farm to bring a can, we have about a thousand cans for the food bank this year,” said Wendy Swore.

Mike says the concept is simple, showing a 4th grader a farm photograph is worthe a thousand words, but showing them in person, a million.

“You have to plant the seed early, show them even if it’s a little blimp, a little seed a plant, let them know it’s a good family life. Everyone used to come from a farm, and said it was a good place tocome from. Its nice to have some of these kids that have never been out to come and see what its like a bit.”

The Swores have tapped into the publics thirst for fresh food, consumers want to know where their food comes from.

"You just cant beat eating fresh, locally grown, its fresh its healthy. A lot of people have lost the knowledge of how to cook fresh food, when it comes from a card board box the know how to cook it but its staring to come back. There are classes and interest in it and how to do some old fashioned home cooking,” said Wendy.

Sometimes its a lot of work but at the endo of the day Mike says its worth it."It makes me feel good enjoyable and I have a lot of fun doing it.

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