Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Beating Winter

Steve Ritter video

Inversion, Cold Temps, Bad Air Grip Idaho
Idaho Department of Environmental Quality issued a yellow alert for air quality in the Treasure Valley, The Magic Valley, Pocatello and Idaho Falls because of the inversion.

Concentrations of small airborne particles are expected to gradually build through the week, according to DEQ’s Web site. Reduced traffic on the weekend could help keep air quality in the lower moderate category, but sensitive individuals should take precautions like staying away from strenuous outside activities until the air quality is better.

A gradual breakdown in the strength of the inversion is expected to begin today. The weakening should slow the increase in particulate concentrations and keep air quality in the lower moderate category.

In the meantime above the clouds its a winter wonderland with warm sunshine and clear, clean air.

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