Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Legislative Leadership Conference

Congressman Mike Simpson to Speak at the Legislative Leadership Conference
Simpson Talks Economic Stimulus At Leadership Conference
Boise--Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson had two very important meetings about the upcoming economic stimulus package in Washington. First, he attended a House Budget Committee hearing, then he joined other GOP leaders in a meeting with President Obama to discuss why the President thinks the stimulus package is necessary.

Congressman Simpson addressed the Idaho Farm Bureau Legislative Leadership Conference this morning via teleconference. He told Idaho Farm Bureau members that the Stimulus Package is based on false expectations.

"The problem with this bill is that its not timely," said Simpson. "Too many of the programs take place years from now, it won't help the economy now. The authors of the bill have included eveyrthing under the sun and most of it is unnecessary. There is nothing more eternal than a temporary government program. I have problems with this bill, it wont benefit the economy."

“Unemployment is rising, businesses are suffering, individuals are suffering, we know our economy is in a recession - the question is what should the government do to spend taxpayer dollars wisely,” said Simpson. “I agree with Speaker Pelosi, this stimulus package needs to be temporary, timely, and targeted, however, this bill is none of these.”

Simpson told the Farm Bureau crowd that in the Budget Committee he told Congressional Budget Office Director Doug Elmendorf, that he supports the need for funding transportation and infrastructure projects that are shovel ready and that he supports lower taxes. But that he did not support allocating billions of dollars on projects that will not be spent this year. Simpson things funding should go through the appropriations process with hearings, oversight and open discussion.”

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