Thursday, January 29, 2009

Legislative Leadership Conference

Minnick Tells Legislative Leadership Conference He Can't Vote with Majority

Boise--Idaho's Freshman Congressman told the Idaho Farm Bureau Legislative Leadership Conference he couldn't support the Congressional Democrats Stimulus Bill. The first term Democrat agreed with Representative Mike Simpson, R-Idaho that the bill failed to create adequate jobs.

The House voted, 244-188, on Wednesday evening for President Obama's package of federal tax cuts and spending worth $819 billion and meant to jump-start the economy out of its worst crisis in decades.

“The measure began with a tight focus on job creation and infrastructure improvements, but ballooned into a ‘something for everything’ spending proposal. With this bill, our deficit will grow to nearly two trillion dollars, and every penny we borrow will come from foreign leaders who will rapidly gain too much leverage over our economic welfare and decisions.

"However," Minnick said, "we do need to invest and spend on worthwhile programs. That’s why we should craft legislation dealing with health and welfare, energy and education, permit public input and evaluate proposals thoroughly so that we spend every nickel in the most cost-effective way.”

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