Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Winter Annual Meetings

Payette County Holds Annual Meeting

Payette--Payette County Farm Bureau President Jerry Anderson welcomed 68 people to the Counties annual banquet Monday night in Payette.

Anderson said the County were successful in sending two proposition to the state that ended up in the policy books and reminded members that the process starts all over again and urged members to bring issues to the Payette County meetings on Mondays.

Idaho Farm Bureau President Frank Priestley and wife Susan attended the annual meeting. Priestley told Payette members that while the state's economy is struggling the Ag sector remains vibrant and is a stabilizing force in the state's economy.

Payette County Comissioner Larry Church told Farm Bureau members that tax revenue will be down but thanks to a tight budget and diligence the county should be in good shape for 2009. He said that budget cuts will affect services in the county but an unexpected PILT payment from the Federal Government will help meet budget shortfalls this year.

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Idaho Farm Bureau Annual Meeting

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