Monday, March 2, 2009

Cattle News

Winmill: Grazing Plan Needs Work But Cattle Can Stay on Jarbidge

Boise--U.S. District Court Judge Lynn Winmill of Pocatello issued a preceedent setting grazing decision across SW Idaho. The Western Watershed Project filed a complaint in Federal District Court in an attempt to kill grazing on the Jarbidge range after the massive Murphy Complex Fire in 2007.

Western Watershed alleged that continued grazing kills sage grouse, pygmy rabbit, and slickspot peppergrass habitat. While WWP was quick to claim victory in the suit, Winmill denied most of their claims, including stopping fence construction and range repair work in the area and revision of the BLM criteria for denying grazing allotments. In short Winmill fell far short of a grazing ban but said the BLM needs to re-evaluate habitat and work a new plan on the the 600,000 acres and 36 grazing allotments.

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