Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Commodity Watch

Vilsack: Increase the amount of ethanol allowed in gasoline

Washington--Ethanol producers met with the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington and asked them to boost the amount of ethanol blended with gasoline by 10 percent to 15 percent, which could spike demand for ethanol by more than 6 billion gallons a year.

From across the country automobile and small engine manufacturers used the age-old excuse that there's no certainty yet that such an increase will not harm engines and fuel lines.

"We can move the blend rate to 12 or 13 percent in the interim," US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack told a visiting farmers and that gas could eventually be boosted by 15 percent or 20 percent.

EPA press secretary Adora Andy said that the agency is reviewing the request and will act "based on the best available science."

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