Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Orofino's Farm and Forest Fair: A success

Farm and Forest Fair Answers Vital Question

Orofino—Studies have shown that less than two percent of the world population is feeding the other 98 percent of the world. Most of that 98 percent thinks their food comes from the grocery store, not the farm. That’s a perception that organizers want to change.

More than 400 Fifth graders packed the National Guard Armory in Orofino eager to touch, see, and listen to presentations at the 12th annual Clearwater Basin Farm and Forest Fair.

The University of Idaho Ag Extension sponsors the event, teaming up with Ag producers and industry types to teach kids about the importance of Idaho’s billion dollar industries.

Ag Extension Educator Ken Hart says the bottom-line goal is education. “We hope to make them a part of timber policy and the industry in the future. A lot of these kids will be working in these industries and we hope that they’ll have a deep understanding of these programs because they’re surrounded by it everyday.”

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