Thursday, April 2, 2009

Farm Safety

Accidents on Rural Roads on the Rise, IFB helps Produce PSA

Nampa--Canyon County and Ada County Farm Bureau organizations formed a partnership to produce and air public service announcements urging motorist to look out for farm machinery this spring on rural roadways.

"There's a lot more congestion on our roads," said Canyon County Farm Bureau Board member Sid Freeman. "We're seeing more and more impatient people that don't realize how long it takes machinery to get from one field to the next. They put themselves and others at risk by making bad decisions on the road."

Ada County Farm Bureau President Don Sonke points out that Ada County farmland is being replaced by subdivisions, that means more traffic and more accidents. "Drivers don't expect to see farm equipment anymore and they're miles from the city limit, they don't know what to do." he said.

Steve Ritter and Jake Putnam produced the PSA for the county Farm Bureaus and said with minor edits the PSA's are ready for the air. "This is the world premier for the PSA's right here on the blog, we will take feedback and make adjustments and hopefully keep motorists safe in rural Ada and Canyon county."

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SLF said...

Great PSA gentlemen! This will definetly bring about some awareness on a very dangerous situation, excellent job. Who ever wrote this is simply brilliant!

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