Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Grass Root Politics

Bob Smathers photo
Spring Resolution Meetings Underway

Lewiston--The Clearwater/Lewis Farm Bureau held their annual spring resolution meeting on April 3. County representatives came up with three resolutions that were sent onto the District resolution meeting in September.

The heart of the Idaho Farm Bureau annual meeting is the delegate resolution process. The policy resolutions adopted by voting delegates will become IFB's 2010 policy roadmap for agriculture advocacy efforts before city councils, county commissions, the state legislature and the U.S. Congress. The resolutions approved at the IFB Annual Meeting are the result of a yearlong grassroots effort, involving input from the counties throughout Idaho.

The national farm policy resolutions approved by the IFB delegates will be carried to the American Farm Bureau Federation resolutions process through the end of the year and voting delegates from Idaho will join their counterparts from other states in a similar consensus-building exercise at the AFBF Annual Meeting in January 2010.

Idaho Farm Bureau has represented grassroots agriculture since establishment in 1939, this non-profit advocacy organization supports farm families who earn their living in a changing industry.

District Manager Bob Smathers reports that the new resolutions in Lewis/Clearwater included everything from USDA Stamped Meat, sales taxes on replacement vehicles, and agricultural dust. Other topics of discussion were the state scholarship program, the Clearwater Forest and Farm Fair and county by-laws.

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