Friday, April 10, 2009

Miracle March

'Miracle' March Snow Blankets High Country
Jake Putnam photo
Boise--After looking at snowpack and reservoir numbers, water officials are calling last months snowfall another 'March miracle'. Snowpack numbers went from an average 85-percent across the main watersheds to a fat 95-110 percent of average.

NRCS Hydrologist Ron Abramovich told the Associated Press that the moisture was the equivilent of a high country 'bailout' and now there's money or water in the bank.

According to NRCS snow-tel measurements precipitation was twice the normal average and caused the streamflow forecasts to rise 30 percent in 30 days on the Middlefork of the Salmon drainage. The Snake River drainage near Idaho Falls will have flows exceeding a hundred percent of normal.

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