Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Springtime in Idaho


Twin Falls--With heavy snowpack still in the mountains above the Snake River Basin, Federal water managers have boosted water flows over the Shoshone Falls in southern Idaho.

Mike Beus, hydrologist with the Bureau of Reclamation, says flows over the falls have peaked and with increasing demands on irrigation water flows on the Snake will decrease drastically in the coming weeks.

Water masters started releasing water Snake River reservoirs to create space for the melting snows. In Eastern Idaho, Palisades Reservoir flows were measured at 6,500 cubic feet per second from the dam and that could double with warm temperatures this week.

For now, Beus says some of the excess flows are being used to fill the American Falls Reservoir. But that reservoir is nearing capacity, meaning more water will have to be sent downstream. Shoshone Falls had nearly 20-thousand visitors this past weekend many visitors had a 45 minute walk to the falls because of limited parking.

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