Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Davis Creek Cellars at Farmers Markets

Boise--YF and R District 4 member Gina Davis has had a good spring. Her start-up wine label struck gold last month at the prestigious Pacific Northwest Wine Summit, the largest wine competition in the Northwest.

With all that success behind her now, Gina is spending all the time she can on marketing the new label, last night she set up a booth at the Edward's Nursery Farmers Market in Boise.

“Well, now you market and try and maintain and hope to do as well with the wine in the barrels right now. We’ve got the new vintages, the 2008 reds are in the barrel, I’m hoping to make this new Vintage as well as the last ,” said Davis.

Last month Davis took home four bronze medals, two silvers, a gold and a double gold for her 2007 Syrah ($20.00) and 2007 Malbec (20.00), 2008 Rosé of Syrah ( $10) 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon($29); and 2007 Tempranillo ($20).

The Davis Creek Cellars Wine Tasting room is now open in Marsing on the weekends, Davis has all of her award winning vintages available for tastings.

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