Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Weather Impact

Eastern Idaho: Wettest Spring in 12 Years

Idaho Falls--Eastern Idaho Grain Producers President Matt Gellings knows grain and knows weather. After non-stop rains since march farmers are patiently waiting to get into the fields for work."We haven't seen a rain like this, I would say in probably 10, 15 years," said Gellings.

Matt Gellings lives in Shelly where farms wheat, hay, barley and potatoes, he says the rain is welcome, but its also been a burden. "I think it definitely helps. There's definitely some other sides to it. We're trying to do some hay and that's putting us off a bit, but anytime you can get free rain, it's a blessing," says Gellings.

Gellings says instead of complaining about the rain he's working with it. "I'm not running any sprinklers right now so that's a good deal. That's also helping on our pumping costs and our labor costs. This is just perfect weather for grain. It likes cool, nice weather, doesn't really like the hot, hot. Potatoes. They could probably use a little bit of heat right now, but we're still saving on the pumping costs and we're pretty much all irrigated out here so it's a plus," says Gellings.

As reported yesterday, hay is almost 10 days behind in Shelly, a lot of farmers are waiting for a few sunny days before cutting and at least a week after that for baling. " We're behind on that. It might affect some of our dairy quality hay. They were predicting that hay prices would be down quite a bit from last year. But last year was an all time high. Maybe will all of this rained on hay, it might help our hay prices."

Gellings says after a decade of drought conditions he's not going to complain about too much water. "Well maybe if it does continue to go on like that. But you know, we get a lot of wind around here and it seems to me no matter how wet it looks out there, you give it a couple of days where it's 75, 80 degrees and wind and it'll dry right back out," explains Gellings.

The rain has pushed back the first cutting for at least another five days, with warm weather and wind in the forecast Gellings and his neighbors are anxiously getting their swathers ready.

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