Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sonke Attends PNWER

Don Sonke, originally uploaded by IdFarmBureau.

Boise--Ada Country President Don Sonke is attending the PNWER conference underway this morning at the Boise Centre on the Grove.
Sonke is interested in Cross-Border issues with Canada, Animal ID and trade.

Sonke thinks the Farm Bureau association with PNWER is needed to address energy and trade issues with Canada in the 21st century.

The Pacific NorthWest Economic Region (PNWER) is a regional U.S.-Canadian forum dedicated to encouraging global economic competitiveness and preserving our world-class natural environment. Its member states include: Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and the Yukon. PNWER is recognized by both the United States and Canada as the model for regional and bi-national cooperation because of its proven success.

PNWER is a respected voice and resource for the region, and provides the public and private sectors a cross-border forum for dialogue that capitalizes upon the synergies between business leaders and government who work to advance the region's economic strength and sustainability. To learn more visit www.pnwer.org.

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