Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ag Waste Rules

Idaho Department of Agriculture Holds Public Meeting on Ag Waste Rules

Boise--The Idaho State Department of Agriculture heard public comments on new rules that establish distance between feed and waste piles on Idaho farms, nearby homes and businesses.

"If farmers want to spread their mint tailings out on land or manure in a field that’s not regulated. If its stockpiled in terms of a residence or a stream those are the set backs we are looking for," said John Bilderback of the Idaho Department of Agriculture.

The proposed rule applies to livestock manure, compost, food processing materials, feed waste, and waste from agricultural commodities such as cull onions, potatoes, etc. These waste products cannot be stockpiled within 500 feet of a hospital, church, non-responsible party’s home etc., or within 100 feet from a real property boundary, domestic or irrigation well, or waters of the state.
The new rule also requires that manure agricultural waste piles moved within a year, unless it's being appropriately composted. If ag waste is being composted, the waste could be stored up to two years.The proposed rule stems from an incident where an individual intentionally dumped dairy waste next to his neighbor’s home.

This was the first in a series of public meetings that are scheduled across the state.

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britney said...

You are looking for setbacks!!!
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