Tuesday, August 11, 2009

IFB helps Produce Safety Public Service Announcement

Nampa--Canyon County and Ada County Farm Bureau's formed a partnership earlier this year to produce and air public service announcements urging motorists to look out for farm machinery on rural roadways.

"We're seeing more equipment on the roads this season and drivers need to make sure they have eye contact with farmers driving their equipment out there, being vigilant could save lives this fall," said Canyon County Farm Bureau Board member Sid Freeman. "We're seeing more and more impatient people that don't realize how long it takes machinery to get from one field to the next. They put themselves and others at risk by making bad decisions on the road."

Ada County Farm Bureau President Don Sonke says subdivisions have expanded into prime farm land, that means more traffic and accidents. "Drivers don't expect to see farm equipment anymore and they're miles from the city limit, they don't know what to do." he said.

Steve Ritter and Jake Putnam produced the PSA's under direction of the County Farm Bureaus. "We just want people to drive safe, hopefully this PSA will raise awareness." said Ritter. The Fall Public Service Announcement was completed on Friday and will start airing across the SW Idaho throughout the harvest season.

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