Friday, September 4, 2009

Ag News

Idaho Agriculture Land Prices Decline
Boise–Nationwide, cropland and pasture land values declined 3.9 percent with lands in the mountain regions of Montana and Idaho taking the largest decline. Overall farm real estate prices in Montana fell 22 percent to $700 per acre.

In Idaho farm real estate values declined 12 percent to $2,200 per acre. Much of this decline was caused by the collapse in demand for recreational ranches. Real estate developers noted that developmental pressure and speculation has declined for much of Idaho’s agricultural land.

While agricultural land values declined in Idaho, rental rates in the state jumped a staggering 20 percent from 2008. Irrigated cropland in Idaho had an average cash rental rate of $175 per acre caused in great part by the run-up in grain prices two years ago. Nationwide rental rates were up 5.3 percent. Agricultural land rental rates held steady in California and Oregon and declined slightly in Washington.

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