Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Meet an Idaho Farmer

Steve Ritter photo
Glen Wittenburg Named a "Gem" of Gem County
Emmett--79 year-old Glen Wittenburg farms corn outside of Emmett, Idaho. This is Glen's 48th season on the farm with wife Marjorie and this past week he's been harvesting field corn that will be sold as feed corn for cattle.

"I like to grow field corn," said Wittenburg. "I like watching it grow, it's something that facinates me. The secret to success is to spend a whole bunch of money on fertilizer. Do the best job you can irrigating it and then let mother nature do the rest."

Wittenburg says he planted in April with a harvest in September, a perfect 99- day crop. While the crop is nothing short of perfection, prices were farm from perfect. "Yesterday's prices were $3.29 a bushel, last year I got $4.65 a bushel. I might as well grin and bear it, its all you can do."

Each year the Gem County Farm Bureau honors long time farmers with recognition, Wittenburg is also a long time member of the Gem County Farm Bureau.

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