Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fruit Stands: Pumpkin season


Steve Ritter video

The Great Pumpkin Hunt

Fruitland--Little Cameron Leonard of Caldwell was on a quest this past weekend. He wanted to bring home the biggest, prettiest, most orange pumpkin he could find and he found his prize at Prudum Produce on Emmet road outside of Fruitland.

Cameron was'nt alone, he had several hundred fellow pumpkin hunters tramping the colorful fields with him. He picked an oblong beauty that he packed off. The pumpkin weighed in at 22 pounds, at least half his weight. "I think he has a death grip on it," chuckled his father. "We're going to carve it up and put it out on the front step."

Prudums has been selling produce since July they will call it a season on Saturday October 31st, Halloween eve.Until then the produce stand will continue selling pumpkins, apples and fall produce in what has been an excellent season.

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