Monday, October 5, 2009

Harvest rain

Endless rain, originally uploaded by Jake Putnam.
Drought Over?

Boise--Idaho Farmers had to stop harvest because of rain and snow over the weekend. Snow was reported in the Upper Snake River basin, the Magic Valley and even parts of Southwest Idaho. The weather has slowed the beet, spud and corn harvest. The weekend storm track is expected to dry up later today with mild, dry weather is expected throughout the rest of the week.

According to forecasters, El Nino will have an effect on weather patterns this winter. That means we can expect warmer than normal temperatures but more rain and snow. If there is a brightspot local hydrologists say El Nino's effect won't be as strong, meaning the Snake and Boise river basins will experience a near normal winter.

The new water year officially started October 1st and Idaho is re-charging aquifers. Troy Lindquist, National Weather Service Hydrologist says that the drought that has plagued us over the past few years is on hold; "but it wouldn't take much to get us back into a drought like situation."

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