Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sput Harvest Back on Track

Christensen Farms--Steve Ritter photo


Parma--Heavy rain, snowstorms and frigid temperatures brought the potato harvest to a halt last week from Canyon County in the west to Bingham County in the east, but mild temps has harvest back on track according to farmers.

Field frost was a concern because of 20-degree temps but 80-degree temps a few days before kept potatoes snug and safe from the cold. Four days of dry, warm weather brought equipment back to the fields.

Growers in American Falls report they were unaffected by cool temps and expect the potato harvest to finish Friday and despite the weather delay most Power County producers finished ahead of the storms.

Most Treasure Valley farmers finished ahead of the freezing rains and with dry fields the past four days the beet harvest has moved into high gear according to Sid Freeman who hopes to finish his beets this weekend.

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