Monday, November 2, 2009

Ada County Farm Bureau Notes

Custom Forage Doing Good Business in Treasure Valley
By Don Sonke, Ada County Farm Bureau President

Kuna--John Indart owner of Indart Farms, a custom forage harvest company, says it has been a good season for his business. The majority of his business is for dairy and even though the industry has been depressed for the past year, the cows still need feed and he has harvested over 90,000 ton of corn and haylage for his customers.

All this has been chopped by the Krone forage harvester pictured above. This 800 horsepower behemoth will process over 220 tons of corn or 180 tons of haylage per hour. The 10 rows of corn this machine takes in one swath is a far cry from the one row harvesters of 50 years ago. It takes 5 ten wheelers and 4 semi trucks to satisfy the output of this one machine. The Krone is made in Germany and costs a whopping $450,000.

John says his business employs 6 full time employees and 8 part time during the busy season. In the off season the equipment is used to haul and spread manure on local farm ground. John lives in Caldwell and has recently doubled his family by having a set of twin boys.

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