Sunday, December 6, 2009

Brucellosis Found

Boise--Idaho Department of Agriculture state veterinarian Bill Barton sent a memo to state animal health officials last week, saying that a beef cow from a newly assembled 600-head herd tested positive for brucellosis.

No calves or bred females have been sold from the herd, according to Barton's memo.The herd has been quarantined and is being tested, and epidemiologists are trying to determine the source of the infection. Barton said the owner, who lives in the Rigby area, was cooperating. None of his cattle had been sold, other than directly to slaughter, Barton said. The infected animal and other cattle in the herd had been vaccinated for brucellosis

The animals came from a variety of sources, including private sales and livestock markets. Officials had not yet determined where the man purchased the infected animal

A spokeswoman for the federal agency that oversees livestock diseases said an investigation has been launched into whether the infection has spread to other herds.

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