Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Idaho Farm Bureau's 70th Annual Meeting

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Bill and Betty DeVeny Awarded 2009 President's Cup

Idaho Falls--Idaho Farm Bureau President Frank Priestley awarded Bill and Betty DeVeny of Riggins the 2009 Presidents Cup on Wednesday night to a standing ovation.

"When I say the word icon in Idaho County, locals know I'm talking about Bill and Betty DeVeny," President Frank Priestley told a packed Shilo Inn house. The award took the DeVeny's by surprise and both were moved by the honor.

The Bill and Betty DeVeny's have been Farm Bureau fixtures for the past four decades and their involvement in North Idaho politics is legendary, when they call or write a lawmaker or Congressmen they get answers.

"In a day or two," said Betty DeVeny, "that's true, it’s the same way with the state legislators. They're very responsive. It’s unique and when you send a letter under Farm Bureau letterhead it probably gets more attention than if you just sent a letter."

Bill and Betty DeVeny made their mark in Farm Bureau through policy development starting at the county level and seeing their issues adapted into the state policy book, year after year and they think it should be played to the letter.

"I think its important for the resolutions committee to pay careful attention to their charter and not get too far out trying to change things. It’s important to recognize and consolidate resolutions that are similar and that sort of thing," said Betty.

While many in politics avoid polarization; Bill DeVeny says its the only way to get things done. "To get any action out of any person or group you have to polarize things, and I think that’s something Farm Bureau should think about is: polarization. That way you can get action out of a person or a group."

The DeVeny's show no signs of slowing down when it comes to Farm Bureau involvement; when they get home from the convention they plan on working on next year's resolutions in Idaho County come next spring.

Bill and Betty DeVeny talk cattle and politics from their high mountain ranch--Putnam photohttp://http//

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