Monday, December 28, 2009

Simpson to Obama: Investigate Climategate

Simpson calls into question the Obama Administration’s actions on climate change, reliance on suspect data, and use of taxpayer funds

Washington– Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson, in his role as Ranking Member of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Interior and the Environment, has written to President Obama expressing serious reservations about the way in which the White House and its agencies are using taxpayer funds to combat global climate change. Simpson was joined on the letter by Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-CA) who is the Ranking Republican on the full House Appropriations Subcommittee.

“We caution you against pursuing environmental policies that will undermine job creation in our already fragile economy,” Simpson and Lewis wrote. “We are particularly concerned about efforts to address climate change that circumvent the legislative process, are not grounded unequivocally in sound science, and don’t reflect majority public opinion in the United States. Recent events suggest that this is precisely the course your Administration is pursuing with regard to greenhouse gas policy.”

Simpson and Lewis outlined their concern over the impact a number of Administration-backed initiatives will have on job creation and economic recovery while our nation’s businesses and workers are struggling. They specifically noted concern with the Environmental Protection Agency’s recent movement toward regulation of greenhouse gases without Congressional approval and the failure within the Administration to seriously investigate the actions of prominent climate change scientists to suppress or eliminate data and to manipulate the peer-review process.

“It is apparent that the EPA’s recent actions, as well as cap-and-trade legislation approved by the narrowest of margins in the House, may have been based upon false pretenses,” wrote Simpson and Lewis. “The very legitimacy of the information upon which these actions were taken has been called into question. It is clear that the outcome of the House vote on the cap-and-trade proposal may well have been different had this information surfaced prior to the bill’s consideration.”

The Congressmen concluded by calling on the President to limit taxpayer expenditures on climate change research until a full investigation, by a credible unbiased entity, can be conducted.

“Therefore, we urge you in the strongest possible terms to re-direct funds necessary, using a portion of enacted fiscal year 2010 climate change funding, to determine the full extent to which illegitimate scientific evidence and research has been used to support recent legislative and regulatory actions (including the recently passed cap-and-trade legislation in the House and this week’s EPA endangerment finding),” wrote Simpson and Lewis. “In an attempt to set politics aside, we ask that a credible, independent entity conduct this review and report to the Congress and the American public within 90 days.”

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