Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Crop Stats

Apple Production Down in '09, Peaches Up

Boise--Idaho’s 2009 apple crop will top an estimated 50 million pounds, down 41 percent from 2008, according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service. Apple value of utilized production is estimated at $11.8 million, down 37 percent from 2008, but up 33 percent from 2007.

Peach production totaled 9,200 tons, up 15 percent from 2008. Peach utilized production totaled 8,300 tons, up 880 tons from 2008. Peach value of utilized production is estimated at $7.28 million, up 44 percent from 2008, but down 8 percent from 2007.

Sweet cherry production is estimated at 6,000 tons, up 216 percent from 2008. Utilized production is estimated at 2,700 tons, up 50 percent from 2008.

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