Monday, January 25, 2010

YF&R Wrap Up

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Rod Sharp CSU Ag Economist Addresses YF&R Leadership Conference

You were a hit last year, back again this year?

I’m real excited to be here because I did a presentation with this group last year, they are fantastic, very forward thinking, I think they are open to new ideas and strategies. What I’m going to talk about here today is kind of give them tools that they can use manage price risk related to beef cattle industry. Later on we will talk about succession transfer from one generation to the next land properties and a broader, holistic way of passing on land from one generation to the next.

Whats going on with the cattle market?

Its just supply and demand thing going on right now. I think the outlook is fairly good for beef cattle right now, think its kind of a glitch right now, some of the dairy buyout out isn’t helping much right now. I think its going to be okay, I think the supply is a bit congested right now, that’s the biggest issue right now.

So its supply?

There is too much beef on the market right now, too much chicken and pork, too much competition right now.

Legacy is the future of Agriculture?

Were talking about passing on how to transfer personal possessions of emotional value onto the next generation, how to look at your final wishes, instructions that you want to pass on with your values and life’s lesions.

Whats the most important thing YF&R members need to know?

Learn as much about management skills, knowledge as you can. Take advantage of the tools that are available to you; as far as insurance programs, marketing tools, risk management tools, because threes a lot of people out there trying to help them and if they can take advantage of the tools they will be better off.
Knowledge is power?
We are moving forward, this generation has a lot more knowledge available at their finger tips.

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