Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bonner County News

Bob Smathers photo
Bonner County Farm Bureau Talks Issues
By Bob Smathers
Sandpoint--The Bonner County Farm Bureau met at the Hydra in Sandpoint on Thursday February 11 to discuss county business. Two Bonner County officials also attended the meeting. Bonner County Sheriff Daryl Wheeler voiced his concerns to the Bonner County Farm Bureau on House Bill 500 which would require state and Indian tribal cooperative law enforcement. Sheriff Wheeler feels that the legislation is a bad deal for county law enforcement and for non-tribal members living on reservations.

Bonner County weed supervisor Brad Bluemer also attended the meeting and reported on weed issues in the county and the need for funds to print a weed publication to give to landowners in Bonner and surrounding counties. The weed publication will assist landowners in identifying and managing weeds on their properties.

County Farm Bureau business was mostly routine, but packed with constructive discussion under President Jack Obrien’s leadership. The meeting concluded with supper at the Hydra.

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