Monday, February 22, 2010

Dairy News from the MPI

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Immigration Enforcements up, Will continue
Washington--The Obama Administration has stepped up enforcement actions on employers suspected of having undocumented employees in the workplace. They'r doing this through I-9 audits.

Employers say that during the audit, suspicious I-9 forms are gone over with a fine tooth comb and then employees are questioned, if there's evidence of fraud the employee is forced to fire the worker immediately. The enforcement is causing problems with several different agricultural operations around the West. A dairy in Colorado and a fruit operation in Washington both had to dismiss over 50% of their respective workforce and had a hard time finding replacement workers.

In preparation for an I-9 audit, MPI members should remember that an I-9 form is required to be on file with copies of the provided documentation for every employee. The form needs to be completed within 3 days of being hired. MPI recommends that the employer keeps a separate file for all employee I-9 forms. Do not keep an employees’ I-9 in the employee file because in the case of an audit or inspection you will be providing the authorities with more information than you are required to provide.

The following link from The Washington DC law firm of Stiff and Lake provides a very thorough resource of how to prepare your employee files, what your rights as an employer are, and what happens during the course of an I-9 audit.

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