Friday, February 26, 2010

Social Media invade the Ag World

A crash course on social media
Social networking sites:

Facebook: An online community for people to connect or re-connect with others. Allowing users to share videos,
pictures and information about themselves, it is one of the fastest growing social networks of the past two years.
LinkedIn: A professional online community used to network with fellow professionals; an online resume sharing site.
YouTube: An online site for uploading and discussing videos. Videos can also be embedded from You-Tube onto other social media sites such as blogs or social networks. Flickr: Online site for storing, sharing and commenting on photos. Twitter: A micro-blogging community where posts, called Tweets, are 140 characters or less.

Blogs: Web sites with dated items of content in reverse chronological order, self-published by bloggers. Feed: Content served at regular intervals, such as the latest articles from a blog or status updates by your friends on Facebook.

Friend (noun): A person with whom you have a mutually agreed connection.
Friend (verb): The act of adding a person to your social graph on a particular social network, as in “Friend me on Facebook.”

Hashtag: Similar to regular tags, these are keywords assigned to an item of content with a hash mark (#) attached
to the front of the word. Hashtags make it easier to follow a topic of interest on Twitter.

Network: A Facebook term for a broader social grouping such as a city, large company or university. Profile: The online representation of an individual’s, group’s or company’s identity.

Social media, a term used to describe tools and platforms people use to produce, publish and share online content and to interact with one another, has a language all its own. Below the list of the most prominent social networking sites are key social media terms.

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