Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beef Counts

Idaho’s Beef Industry United Against Hunger
BOISE--Idaho’s beef industry has come together to help feed the more than 110,000 children, families and senior citizens that go hungry each month. The hungry is no longer the person living under an overpass or standing along a freeway exit with a cardboard sign. Today, the face of hunger is your neighbor, your friends, and even your family. When hearing of this need, Idaho’s beef industry partners including the Agri Beef Co., the Idaho Beef Council, the Idaho Cattle Association, and the Idaho CattleWomen Council established and endorsed Beef Counts, a novel program to eliminate hunger in Idaho.

Beef Counts is a program designed to provide a consistent supply of high quality protein throughout the year to the Idaho Foodbank. This is done through cash and animal contributions made by Idaho beef producers. Each animal or the cash equivalent of an animal provides approximately 1,600 servings, thanks to Agri Beef’s 50 percent matching contribution which doubles the contribution of every Idaho rancher.

High quality beef protein plays an increasingly important role in muscle development and maintenance, disease prevention, strength and metabolism. Protein also promotes satiety, or the feeling of being full. Currently, the Idaho Foodbank struggles to provide a consistent supply of protein for the more than 110,000 Idahoans that they serve. Currently, the Foodbank can only provide approximately 0.7 ounces of protein per day, per person. The United States Department of Agriculture recommends 6 ounces of protein per day for a healthy diet.

Together, the Idaho beef industry is dedicated to eliminating hunger throughout Idaho. The industry partners will work with the Idaho Foodbank and their 225 non-profit partners across Idaho to ensure every hungry person has access to the high quality beef protein donated by Idaho beef producers.


cowgirl said...

Blackfoot Livestock Auction has joined the the Beef Counts program as well. We help make it easy for producers to participate in the program.

Jake Putnam said...

Id love to do a story on that cowgirl! Ritter and I will be over in a few weeks to do a grand opening at the clinic, are you up for that?


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