Wednesday, April 7, 2010

News from the Packer

The video, featuring actress and Idaho Potato Commission celebrity spokeswoman Dawn Wells demonstrating a peeler-less potato peeling technique, has been viewed more than 10.1 million times, according to a commission news release.

Not even 1% of the videos posted on the site make it into the millions on view counts, according to the release.

During the video, Wells demonstrates how to peel a potato by scoring around the middle with a knife, the boiling the whole potato in water for 15 minutes before shocking it in ice water. The skin peels right off the potato after the process.

The commission made the video in 2007 to promote its first iTuber video contest. The contest, which requires entrants to post potato-related videos on YouTube, has become an annual event since its 2007 launch.

Wells has been working with the commission since 2004.

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