Thursday, April 1, 2010

Just in from Washington

USDA Recap

Washington--Wheat acreage is estimated to be 53.8 million acres, 9% less than 2009.
HRW 28.3, SRW 6, White wheat 3.4, HRS 13.3, Durum 2.22 (million acres)

All Wheat stocks totaled 1.35 billion bushels, up 30% from last year. December through February disappearance of 429 million bushels is up 12% over the same time frame last year. Durum stocks totaled 55.6 million bushels, this is up72% from last year.

Corn acreage is estimated at 88.8 million acres, up 3% over last year. Corn stocks are up 11% over last year at 7.69 billion bushels.

Soybeans acreage less than 1% higher than last year at 78.1 million acres. Total beans still in store at 1.27 billion bushels, down 2% from last year.

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