Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just in from Washington

Senate hopes to Roll Out Climate Bill April 26th

Washington--Three key Senators in the Climate bill debate, Kerry, Graham and Lieberman will reveal their compromise climate proposal April 26, according to Senate insiders.

Many thought the compromise legislation would surface on Earth Day, but the fact that they've scheduled a date shows that they're closer to nailing the controversial legislation down. The White House has been working behind the scenes to shore up their interests in the climate deal, but insiders think it could cause a rift and damage the legislation.

"The administration is working with Senators Kerry, Lieberman and Graham to move forward bipartisan, comprehensive energy and climate legislation that creates clean energy jobs and reduces our dependence on foreign oil. The Senators don't support a gas tax, and neither does the White House," said Ben LaBolt, White House spokesman.

LaBolt added,"The Senators are considering a variety of mechanisms that would foster a transition to a clean energy economy, and we will continue to work with them to identify a means to create a major growth driver for our economy and reduce the pollution that contributes to climate change."

Last week Democratic senators led by Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) outlined a long list of what they want in the climate bill to help the manufacturing sector. But the fact that they've come up with detailed demands outlined in a letter to Kerry, Graham and Lieberman -- including a request for a border tax adjustment to ensure overseas competitors with lax climate laws don't underbid American firms -- shows there's intense negotiating taking place on Capitol Hill.

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